• Quality Quest Receives Community Health Award

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  • Community Transformation Grant

    Creating healthier communities in Peoria and Tazewell Counties

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  • healthy babies healthy moms

    Healthy Babies,
    Healthy Moms

    Improving maternity care


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  • Affordable Meds

    Generics Report

    How often are prescriptions written for generics?

    Now more specific: See performance of individual clinicians 

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  • Central Illinois Wellness Council

  • Quality Colonscopy

    Colonoscopy Quality Reporting

    Because if it needs to be done, it should be done right.

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  • ACS Grant

    Quality Quest receives an American Cancer Society grant to fight childhood obesity in Peoria.  

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Quality Quest for Health of Illinois brings together patients, providers, insurers, and employers to improve healthcare in our state.

Each group has different roles and motivations:

  • Patients want to educate themselves to become better, more informed consumers of healthcare.
  • Providers want to close the gap between the quality care people receive today and the even better care they know is possible.
  • Insurers want to feel confident that expenditures are going toward quality, efficient healthcare based on the latest evidence.
  • Employers want better quality for the money they spend for healthier, more productive employees.

Our goal is to create healthier communities where individuals take an active role in their health. We do this by educating patients and measuring performance to see how local healthcare providers compare to best care standards.

Quest provides tools to compare quality and knowledge for employers, insurers, and providers to make care better and maximize value. Patients have the opportunity to compare the quality of regional providers to make informed decisions on healthcare.

New Focus and Location

Quality Quest has a new focus and a new location.

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Flu Shot Percentages

Find out the percentage of hospital employees who are vaccinated for the seasonal flu.

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Performance Results

View our latest reports on generic prescribing, colonoscopy quality, and preventive care.

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Modernizing Healthcare Communication

Modernizing healthcare communication

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Evidence is information that is used to determine or demonstrate the truth of an assertion.  In the field of health, Evidence is collected in an orderly way to help us understand what to do.  This information can come from medical research.